AET Tankers
Strategy and planning

We have provided strategic advice and hands-on support to this international tanker owner/operator for a number of years. Initially, we were engaged to develop a company-wide corporate communications strategy to guide the company in its external and internal communications and public affairs activities.


Management workshops
We believe that any communications strategy must be geared to support the overall aims of the business and so we began by facilitating a series of workshops to enable a free-flow of ideas amongst senior people representing all divisions of the company. From these, we gained a thorough understanding of the company’s business aspirations and were able to marry those with a series of communications activities.

Additionally, we undertook a thorough audit of our client’s main competitors to establish best practice and to set the bar as high as possible.

Creating the strategy
Key messages were then defined and tailored to suit a series of specific target audiences. Optimum communications channels were identified and matched to messages and audiences. Long and short-term plans including budgets, resources and timelines were established alongside measurable targets. We also advised on staffing requirements and created job specifications and people profiles. We assisted internal staff to implement the plan and remained on-hand to provide advice, additional resource and to update and refresh the plan as required.

Our client is now guided by a clear and robust communications strategy that fully supports its business plan. It covers internal and external communications and realises synergies between various activities. It has allowed the company to be much more confident in how it expresses itself and has successfully raised the profile of the company amongst its customers, peers and other industry stakeholders.

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