Korean Register

The Korean Register is an IACS member classification society with big ambitions. We have been KR’s corporate communications partners for more than eight years and initially we were engaged to help the organisation break free from the perception that it is a Korean organisation for Korean shipowners.

Initial audit
We began by performing a full audit of all KR’s external facing communications including printed material, online presence, advertising and other channels. These were then re-written in perfect English and re-aligned to chime with an international audience.

Additional material
Our audit, together with our knowledge of the maritime sector, allowed us to suggest additional communications materials. These have significantly extended KR’s reach and influence in the global market.

This was a particular focus as KR was not getting good value-for-money from its existing media spend and its advertising copy was not effective. We developed a new media plan, comprising printed and online outlets, and created new and engaging copy suitable for an international audience.

Media relations
We also set about positioning KR as a global player within the maritime media. Our wide contacts coupled with thorough research of relevant outlets ensured KR was included in all classification features and other articles where it was appropriate for class to have a voice.

KR’s classed fleet has more than doubled in the last eight years and the non-Korean proportion has grown from less than 10% to over 25%. It is now widely seen and accepted on the international stage. Clearly this is attributable to a number of factors, but more effective communications certainly helped.

A relatively small spend with Navigate has significantly increased the effectiveness, scope and reach of KR’s external communications and repositioned the society as a truly international operator.

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