The Baltic Exchange
Social media

The Baltic Exchange is an important maritime organisation responsible for freight market benchmarks as well as representing its membership of shipowners, charterers and shipbrokers. Amplifying its messages and engaging with its stakeholders through social media channels is an important aspect of its activities.

Navigate designed and continues to implement the Exchange's social media activities as part of a wider range of corporate communications services.

The first step was to set up the client's presence on a range of platforms including Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Flickr. We also created and set up a blog based website from which twice weekly emails to stakekholders are sent.

Building an audience
Post interesting and relevant content and the audience will follow. By creating a schedule of known future events and activities, writing and commissioning articles and advice on the issues of the day, producing videos, sharing relevant content, adding photos and sharing infographics and charts, the audience following and engaging with the Baltic Exchange via social media has rocketed.

Listening and responding
Becoming active with social media is a two-way process - it is not simply about putting your news and views online. We engage with the audience, respond to their questions and join the debate.  Social media monitoring is an important part of any social media strategy. By understanding what is being said about you and your brand, you can respond in an appropriate way.

Reporting and analysis
Managing a busy social media account can be time-consuming, but is it really delivering the results? What is working well? We provide regular reporting detailing and analysing activity, follower growth, engagement, geographical spread and website traffic. This gives us a firm base from which to provide advice on how to continue to build our client's online profile.



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