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14th December 2021

KR enhances Quality Management System (ISO 9001) certification services in Europe

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KR Hellas, a subsidiary of the Korean Register (KR) has been accredited as a quality management system (ISO 9001) certification body, by the Greek National Accreditation Body (ESYD).

ISO 9001 is an international standard that stipulates the requirements of a quality management system applicable to all industrial fields and activities, and the certification is awarded by an independent third party to those organizations that meet the specified requirements.

KR acts as a comprehensive certification body, helping companies attain everything from system related certifications such as ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (safety/health) to the product certifications required for boilers and pressure vessels.

KR established its subsidiary, KR Hellas in 2008 in Greece to provide a certification service (CE mark) for products being exported to Europe. KR Hellas provides CE marking services in seven different areas, including MED and ATEX, and has been accredited as a boiler, pressure vessel and nuclear equipment inspection agency by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in 2019.

In addition, it has been authorized to inspect gas containers and dangerous goods containers (ADR, RID) that are exported to Europe, and accredited as an explosion proof certification body (ExCB) since February last year under the IECEx equipment scheme, expanding its specialized certification business area to the international explosion proof certification (IECEx).With the accreditation of KR Hellas as an ISO 9001 certification body, KR will be able to provide customers in Europe with reliable and prompt ISO 9001 certification services.

Dr. Katiforis Nikolaos, KR Hellas' quality manager, said: “As part of ESYD’s assessment of KR Hellas for the accreditation process, we successfully completed two witnessed assessments of initial audits for two different clients as well as an assessment of KR Hellas office. Moving forward, KR Hellas looks forward to providing its customers across Europe with this timely, quality accreditation for the ISO 9001 certification service.”

KR Hellas has been accredited for four scopes of ISO 9001 certification (EA code) – the EA codes 17, 18, 29 and 31, which include machinery, equipment, transportation, storage and communication. KR Hellas is working to further expand its accredited certification services to additional EA codes and other management systems to benefit a broader range of clients, using its significant certification experience and high quality methods.


Korean Register
The Korean Register (KR) was established in 1960 with the purpose of promoting safety of life, property and the protection of the marine environment. KR currently classes an international fleet of 3,064 vessels totaling 77 million GT. It is headquartered in Busan, South Korea with a network of 66 offices around the world. KR is authorized to perform statutory and certification services in 81 countries around the world.

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