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31st May 2019

KR launches remote survey service for ocean going vessels

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The Korean Register (KR) has launched a new remote survey service for any of the classification society’s vessels engaged in international - ocean going - voyages.  The scope of KR’s remote survey service is limited to classification surveys.

A remote survey is a method to conduct a survey through bi-directional communication with a vessel, by sharing photographs, video contents and digital images from ship. As a result, the KR Remote Survey can be conducted anywhere in the world – without requiring a surveyor’s attendance on board. 

KR will offer its eligible clients several types of KR Remote Survey using this method; a Continuous Machinery Survey (CMS), a 3-month extension to a propeller shaft and stern tube shaft survey, a 3-month extension for boiler survey (only for exceptional circumstances), a minor damage survey (if approved by the flag administration), and an outstanding COC (Condition of Class) survey (which confirms repair deficiencies and/or corrective actions).

However, there may be restrictions. For example, statutory surveys conducted on behalf of flag administrations are excluded from the scope of the remote survey.  Passenger ships, submersibles, nuclear ships, hydrofoils, air cushion vessels or high-speed crafts cannot apply for a remote survey, these vessels will still be assessed by a surveyor attending in person.

Jeong-kie Lee, CEO and Chairman of Korean Register says: “As part of the industrial revolution 4.0, we are constantly reviewing our technologies to see what we can streamline and with improved internet connectivity around the world, this is will be a clear benefit to our customers without compromising standards in any way.”

KR’s clients can easily arrange a KR Remote Survey through KR e-Fleet.


Korean Register
The Korean Register is established in 1960 with the purpose of promoting safety of life, property and the protection of the marine environment. KR currently classes an international fleet of 3,050 vessels totaling 68 million GT. It is headquartered in Busan, South Korea and operates a network of 66 offices around the world. It is authorized to perform statutory and certification services in 80 countries.

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