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5th November 2018

People's Choice Award opens for votes

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Voting has opened for the IMRF’s People’s Choice Award, and the finalist attracting the most votes on facebook will be announced as the winner on Thursday 8 November.

The finalists for the IMRF Awards 2018, are all exceptional individuals and organisations from around the world who go above and beyond in maritime search and rescue. But now, anyone and everyone can vote for the shortlisted finalist that they think stands out - the finalist that deserves the IMRF’s People’s Choice Award.  The shortlist for the IMRF Awards 2018 was announced on 17 October, and details of each finalist have been published on the IMRF’s Facebook page ( 

Each finalist in the IMRF Awards 2018 has, in some way, made an outstanding contribution in the field of maritime SAR and deserves to be congratulated for their achievements.
Voting for the IMRF People’s Award is simple, just visit the IMRF facebook page, read the nominations and 'like' the finalist(s), that you think are the most deserving. The finalist with the most 'Facebook likes' at 16:00 GMT on Thursday, 8 November 2018 will be declared the winner of the IMRF People's Choice 2018.  

The IMRF People’s Choice Award winner will be announced at the IMRF Awards ceremony and dinner which will be hosted by the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, at their training centre in Horten, Norway and full details will be posted on the IMRF’s social media channels shortly after the event.

The IMRF Awards 2018 have a range of categories, all designed to give deserving nominees – wherever they are in the world - an opportunity to be recognised for their actions, expertise and skills, when saving lives in exceptional circumstances.  The award categories are for individual contribution, team contribution, innovation and technology, a lifetime achievement award and a Local Hero award nominated by the events host.


The International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) brings the world's maritime search and rescue organisations together in one global and growing family, to share knowledge and improve maritime SAR coordination and response so more people in distress on the sea can be saved.

IMRF's member organisations, which include the Norwegian society for Sea Rescue (, share their lifesaving ideas, technologies and experiences and freely cooperate with one another to achieve their common humanitarian aim: "Preventing loss of life in the world's waters".

The International Maritime Rescue Federation was founded (as the International Lifeboat Federation) in 1924. In 1985 it was granted non-governmental consultative status with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in recognition of the good work being undertaken and the growing need for an organisation to act as a global focal point for maritime search and rescue. In 2003 it was registered as an independent charity and in 2007 the organisation was renamed the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF), reflecting the broader scope of modern maritime search and rescue activity.

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