Crisis communications management  - whether it be a corporate issue or a maritime casualty - is not just about reacting to an incident and issuing a press release. It is about implementing a carefully rehearsed and drilled plan to actively manage the incident and minimise its impact on your company's reputation and smooth running.

Planning is vital. All our clients receive expert assistance to create a media response plan, they also receive regular and intensive media training and scenario-based drills. We scrutinise and test your ability to respond to the aftermath of a grounding, spill, collision, hijacking or any corporate event which could have an impact on your ability to conduct business.

Our crisis response service is handled by our sister company Navigate Response which runs a network of crisis responders around the world.

Navigate Response runs a network of experienced crisis responders in over 30 global locations who are able to offer on the spot services.

Experienced staff are available to respond 24/7 each and every day of the year.

Partnering with the Navigate Response network gives your team the professional round the clock back-up needed to ensure that you can deliver a swift, professional response without leaving a vacuum to be filled by misinformed comment and speculation.

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