Understanding your customers and partners is an essential part of growing your business. Through structured quantative or qualitative research, we can provide a unique insight into your client base, staff or competitors. We help businesses already in the maritime sector, as well as those looking to enter this complex arena, with research based analysis.

We help our clients answer questions such as “what drives customers to do business with us?”; “what is the purchasing process?”; “what influences our customers?”; “who are our competitors and what are they doing?”

These, and other questions, are answered through qualitative and quantative research programmes that include face to face in-depth interviews, telephone research, online surveys, end-user panels and customer forums.


Examples of our programmes include:

• Market entry research
• Client satisfaction surveys
• Brand evaluation
• Product development research
• Employee engagement services
• Competitor analysis

Researching your customer base using a methodical and well thought out programme will provide clear answers to your questions. It will allow you to understand what makes your customers tick, how best to communicate with them and how to develop your products and services to deliver exactly what they want.

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