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7th December 2021

Managing the liabilities of a ship manager

Client news

The liability of a ship manager may not always arise from negligent performance of their services, ITIC (International Transport Intermediaries Club) is often asked to provide expert assistance as a recent case demonstrates.

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The Korean Register (KR) has published guidance outlining the technical measures necessary to safely load and carry containers on bulk cargo ships. With the recent unprecedented boom in the maritime transport market, demand from shipping companies wanting to load and transport containers on bulk cargo ships has increased significantly as a way to resolve the shortage of container ships.

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The Korean Register (KR) and NAPA, a leading maritime software, services, and data analysis provider have successfully created a ‘Live Interface Function’ for their respective software programs KR SeaTrust-HullScan and NAPA Steel, allowing the real time synchronization of a ship’s structural data from the NAPA software to KR’s SeaTrust-HullScan.

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Today – 16 November 2021 - the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) releases its 2021 analysis of the global marine insurance market – known as IUMI Stats Report.

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