Direct media enagement

The International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) is the global body representing the interests of the world’s marine underwriting community. Established in the 19th century, this prestigious organisation has led the marine insurance sector for over 150 years and is recognised the world over for staging the largest and most relevant conference for global underwriters.


Our involvement
We’ve worked with IUMI for a number of years and one of our roles is to ensure significant media attendance at the annual conference and subsequent global coverage in the international trade and business press during and after the event.


Leveraging our contacts
As the most well-connected PR agency in maritime and shipping, we are able to leverage our close relationships with the industry’s editors and journalists to encourage a wide attendance. Since our involvement, IUMI has enjoyed a press cohort comprising top journalists from all the leading maritime and insurance outlets as well as local and regional business media.


Our role
It is our job to host the media during the four day event. Prior to the conference, we arrange a press lunch for journalists to meet the senior IUMI personnel and to understand the main elements and key messages from each conference session.


We set-up and run a press office throughout the event ensuring journalists have all they need to write and file copy.
Each day we manage a press conference giving journalists a further opportunity to discuss conference highlights with the day’s session chairmen. This always results in enhanced coverage.

And to ensure it is not all about work, we also take journalists out to dinner to cement relationships.


Writing copy
Alongside copy generated from the journalists who attend the event, we ensure a much wider coverage from media outlets who were not able to send journalists by reporting on each conference session ourselves. Our reports are issued externally and picked up and reported globally.


IUMI now enjoys significant media profile and high quality coverage of its annual flagship event. This has helped cement its place on the international maritime stage as the accepted and respected voice of global marine insurance.

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